Mixed Reality

case studies


Marketing tool

Halton VR Presentation

Our virtual Reality application helps hospital managers and surgeons explore the potential of Halton Vita OR Space installations. Users discover what makes the Halton system unique and experience more details about its elements. VR presentation introduce an immersive environment of cutting-edge airflow systems. Our software contains 3D realistic models and uses multi-language support, so users can easily switch to different languages, or add a new one.

Virtual training for floor staff

Eurocash / Kontigo training

The fully interactive app allows matching the VR training level to its content and to user’s expectations. It also provides an option of multiple iterations of the training if it is necessary to train the participant/future or current employee again. An important feature of the app is the focus on increasing the trainee’s engagement level (active participation combined with interaction required by the app) compared to traditional forms of training (ppt/pdf) where the trainee can „tune out”.

Heavy industry portfolio presentation


This is an official Virtual Reality application of KGHM ZANAM that presents the manufactured Self-Propelled Mining Machines used in underground mines. User can discover heavy duty machines embedded in a 3D environment and learn about their technical specifications. The application uses multi-language model so you can easily switch the language or add a new one.

Marketing activation

Nestle Illuma VR

Illuma is a brand under which Nestle sells infant formula and modified milk for kids in every age. The main strength of the product is its unique technology that allows far greater absorption of nutrition and it comes with optimized proportions further increasing kids’ development. We rolled out a successful B2B campaign helping Illuma increase their brand awareness within the Middle East market. We developed an educational mobile app that also triggered sales. It was directed at pediatricians and medical staff – the most important touchpoint for such a sensitive product.

To tell the brand’s assets in an engaging and memorable way we used two hip technologies: augmented reality and an interactive 360 video. The AR part let us display the whole process of nutrition absorption in an attractive way and the interactive part showcased the five pillars on which the product is based. Thanks to acquiring gyroscopic technology we were able to create an unforgettable experience and, in the process, increase the brand’s sales.

See the taste campaign

Pepsi VR Bartender

It’s not about how you drink Pepsi but how you serve it.  Virtual Reality bartender application is all about serving drinks. It can easily help all future bartenders to understand the most important parts of their responsibilities. Fully branded with Pepsi Taste Challenge assets let user to pour Pepsi and prepare perfect drinks using all the necessary equipment in the shortest time they can

Marketing tool

Amita 360 presentation

One of our cutting edge 360-degree experience for Amita (Greece).  We were responsible for creating both detailed scenarios as well as a 3D stereoscopic environment. The animation consists of fly through the virtual city ending with a visual riddle to solve for VR users. One of a kind software to boost marketing activation for Amita that took place in Athens 2020.

POS visualization

Coca Cola / Carrefour tour

By designing a special platform using Oculus Rift headset, we offer users a tour of a virtual store and present them with various types of special holiday-season versions of Coca-Cola expositors. The user can choose the space he is interested in – a hypermarket, a supermarket, or a small store – and stop by the different kinds of stands to check how they fit in with the rest of the store.