Case study



Pepsi VR Bartender

It’s not about how you drink Pepsi but how you serve it.  Virtual Reality Bartender application is all about serving drinks. It can easily help all future bartenders to understand the most important parts of their responsibilities.

Fully branded with Pepsi Taste Challenge assets let user to pour Pepsi and prepare perfect drinks using all the necessary equipment in the shortest time they can.

Using Pepsi VR Bartender software users can:


  • use one of many bottles in a fully interactive fridge

  • use such tools as ice-scoop and bottle opener – there is even a trash can for caps and bottles

  • place napkins, take ice cubes, pour liquid to a glasses

  • every asset shown can be interactive


  • you may want to break and throw stuff around, spill everything, smash your hand with a fridge door, juggle the bottles, mix the drinks and cool your head in the ice tray if you have left any ice there

  • every step you should take is shown on a terminal screen

  • everything that you make incorrect is shown as well and all penalties are shown on your smartwatch

  • high score is stored in the database and can be compared with other results