Case study



Eurocash Training

The main goal of the software is to create an interactive training environment for future employees and an educational environment for the current staff featuring regular and new products offered by the company. 

The fully interactive app allows matching the VR training level to its content and to user’s expectations. It also provides an option of multiple iterations of the training if it is necessary to train the participant/future or current employee again. 

An important feature of our software is the focus on increasing the trainee’s engagement level (active participation combined with interaction required by the software) compared to traditional forms of training (ppt/pdf) where the trainee can „tune out”.

Additional and fully measurable aspects of the app include: repeatable cost savings (it eliminates the need to employ a large training staff, rent training rooms etc.), measurable engagement of participants/candidates, option to personalize the training (by repeating only specific elements that have not been mastered by the trainee), or higher flexibility of the app (in more advanced versions)

Software features:


  • Voice-over – coordinated with the displayed product ( product description: technical specification, purpose, target group etc.)

  • Panoramic view – ability to look around the store; full 360 degrees

  • Highlighted colour signs for product sections

  • Animations of labels describing categories of products featured in the training

  • Option to select items from the list and highlight the section (shelf) where they are located

  • Graphic interface – as specified with the client / matching the presented guideline

Target VR device chosen by the client – Oculus Quest

The main principle of the software is allowing the user to shape trainings easily and almost in real time (i.e. to select content featured in the app / turn specific functionalities on and off) and interacting with the trainee (candidate/employee).

Software owner /user (instructor) is able to:

  • shape trainee’s environment (2 stores selected by the client, predefined to the basic version – with the option to expand the app and include further locations  / maximum of 5 stores)

  • shape the content of the training (adding new products, replacing old products with new ones, deleting old products)

  • gather data about the trainees regarding: the process of assimilating information about the products / progress reports / number of training iterations  / difficulties encountered during the training  (most difficult products) etc.

  • lower the cost of trainings (savings when it comes to hiring instructors & training rooms, training time, gathering an appropriate number of trainees etc.)

  • implement trainings with more freedom and comfort (elimination of technical problems on the part of organizer and groups of trainees)