VR training technology 

Our training technology is a breakthrough training methodology that combines virtual reality experience with advanced learning theory, data science and 3D modelling.

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Immersion is the perception that a digital environment really exists. Immersive environments draw the user into a computer-generated world with engrossing visual and auditory stimulation, lifelike AI, realistic physics, advanced lighting, haptics, and everything that makes a world come alive. When done right, VR experiences surround the players’ senses so the environment is believable and responsive.


Embodiment is the perception that you are physically interacting with a digital environment. Avatar embodiment eliminates discontinuity by providing a virtual body that aligns with your real body, using precise one-to-one tracking of your every move, and emotes just as realistically as you do.

Our solution is revolutionizing the way we train and educate. With Virtual Reality (VR), employees learn by completing specific tasks and solving real problems. Thanks to such education, they are more involved, better prepared and develop new skills faster. 

The VRskills solution is based on proven research in the field of cognitive science and human behavior and includes a VR software platform, content production and hardware management.

We reduce downtime, injuries and time spent in training by enabling staff to practice and get certified in Virtual Reality. VR training does not need physical presence of an instructor. Once the training is active, it can run anywhere and as many times as needed.

Together with leading research institutes we have developed standardized interfaces and pedagogical components to optimize learning. Our solutions have been tested and verified with leading industry companies such Eurocash or Pepsi.

Shared space

Shared Space is the perception that you are naturally communicating with other people in a digital environment. Interact and socialize together, fight missions together, race together, play together, and otherwise share virtual experiences, together.


Presence is the perception that you exist within a digital environment. It is truly achieved when the technology fades away and the player reacts to virtual stimuli as they would non-virtual. Contributing factors to Presence include wide field-of-view, crystal clear image, fast and precise tracking, and no visual anomalies.

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