A ttendees are bombarded with promotional offers from the moment they enter the event space, but the right VR marketing experience ensures no one forgets your brand.

Virtual Reality gives you the ability to bring entire showroom into an exhibition stand design, giving you unlimited square footage. Implementing virtual, augmented and mixed reality at a conference or trade show is great for attracting inquisitive attendees, but technology can create a fully immersive environment where attendees can interact with your brand like never before.

With VR, you can showcase your entire product line with minimal effort and space. Instead of dragging entire inventory to the showroom, you can show attendees your products. For example, if you want to show your new construction  you can display the real 3D model in full size or present how your business is advanced and connected to the latest technology.

„Use the virtual reality experience to showcase the benefits of your product”

One of the benefits of virtual reality is that you can have unlimited space to create the experience you want. By using virtual reality in your live event booth, you get a distraction-free environment where the user can spend time interacting with your product. The virtual experience actually offers visitors a fun activity that they can enjoy at the booth. On top of that user can see, hear and interact with the virtual world around him. This combination creates the feeling that you are actually inside a fully virtual environment.

Overall, there are many opportunities for brands to use virtual, augmented, and mixed reality environments to create a fun and engaging conference or exhibition. Not only does this technology provide consumers with an incredibly immersive and engaging experience, but once you’ve customized a demo or virtual reality experience for your brand, the brand can display it at multiple conferences, trade shows, and pop-ups. Replicate the experience countless times.

So, if standard advertising doesn’t work well, consider using virtual reality at your next trade show booth to attract more visitors, delight them, and convert them into customers. Trade show viewers can expect to see dozens of different booths and many similar products, but they won’t forget their VR experience. As exhibitors at some of the largest trade show in the world,  we can categorically say that compelling VR at your trade show booth creates a positive ROI.

„VR draws visitors to your booth, turns them into engaged users by offering them an engaging experience, and presents your company as modern and forward looking”

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