This year, RTE marks an important breakthrough as we celebrate our 12th year in the business. Since 2009, we’ve been able to convert our clients’ problems into flexible product solutions with our years of experience in software development, innovation, and creativity.

The Manifest recognized our success and highlighted us as one of the most reviewed AR/VR development companies in Poland. The Manifest is a business news and how-to website where buyers can look through directory pages of the top-performing agencies in different industries from around the world.

In 2009

Our journey started with the understanding that technology is unlikely to provide a competitive advantage on its own. That’s why in all those years we’ve been in business, we provide our clients with senior-level advice to ensure the strategy is future-friendly and scalable. As an agency, we help our clients grow and prosper using consulting to boost their marketing and sales efforts or launch products that fit their market and target audience.

A few years later

Halton, an indoor air solutions company, collaborated with RTE to develop a VR application that helps hospital managers and surgeons the potential of Halton Vita OR Space installations. The VR presentation introduced an immersive environment of cutting-edge airflow systems. The software we developed contains 3D realistic models and uses multi-language support, so users can easily switch to different languages, or add a new one.


In 2021

We are proud to be among the leading agencies in the AR/VR space. This award validates our expertise as an AR/VR development agency, and it ratifies our capability to deliver conclusive results to our clients. This recognition will only push our team to continue improving our processes and innovating our services.

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