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Pepsi Cloud-based Software

The challenge originally took the form of a single blind taste test. At malls, shopping centers, and other public locations, a Pepsi representative sets up a table with two white cups: one containing Pepsi and one with Coca-Cola.

Shoppers are encouraged to taste both colas, and then select which drink they prefer. Then the representative reveals the two bottles so the taster can see whether they preferred Coke or Pepsi. The results of the test leaned toward a consensus that Pepsi was preferred by more customers.

The challenge launched in 1975, as part of the ongoing Cola wars between Pepsi and The Coca-Cola Company. When the preference in blind tests is compared to tests wherein cups are labeled with arbitrary labels or brand names, the ratings of preference change. Scientific findings do support a perceptible difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi.


In 2015, Pepsi relaunched the Pepsi Challenge on social media. As part of this year-long promotion, Pepsi signed various celebrity ambassadors to advertise their product on their social media accounts under the hashtag #PepsiChallenge

RTE was behind the creation of the complex Pepsi Taste Challenge digital system to collect the data from all European markets (16 countries) in real-time.  Our custom IT infrastructure which combines Pepsi mobile application and Taste the Challenge content management system allows easy control across various markets based on their individual local requirements.

CMS used for Pepsi Taste Challenge is a web application that can be found on any browser connected to the Internet. The front-end is run by dedicated applications on mobile devices with Android. Pollsters can easily choose: age, gender, city, preferred drink, drink selected, data range, and many more.

25 Years of Pepsi Taste Challange

Every single Pepsi European market has its own panel for customisation. It is possible to suit mobile software experience by changing the language, a number of questions, legal content as well as UI graphics all via RWD content management system.

The solution developed for Pepsi is an AWS cloud-based system. It collects survey data in a completely remote and intuitive way and sends it for analysis to the Pepsi headquarters. Thanks to the combination of a mobile Android application and the CMS, it was possible to easily adapt the entire data collection process for individual markets in Europe.