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Carrefour Mobile Solution

Nearly 60% of shoppers look up product or pricing information while using their mobile phones in stores. In fact, digital interactions now influence 56 cents of every dollar spent in brick and mortar locations, according to Deloitte

Despite how important the mobile channel is to the in-store purchase experience, however, only 1 in 10 retail apps include functionality specifically designed for the in-store experience

According to Google research, 85% of online shoppers start a purchase on one device and finish on another. That’s why forward-thinking brands are re-engaging shoppers by surfacing personalized content to users across devices and channels. They do this by sending customers relevant messages, offers, and content based on their web browsing, mobile app activity, and in-store purchases.

One of the biggest European retailers Carrefour was to change forever its shopper experience with RTE in the Middle East.  Carrefour’s focuses was to create self-service tools that give shoppers access to the information they are looking for when making their purchasing decisions. Easy access to such information is especially important for large stores such as Carrefour, where shoppers have a lot of choices.

The new Android & iOS app that was developed enables users to browse, search, and purchase online. Users can also see product availability and detailed information for a specific store. One key feature is touch-optimized shopping, which means every product is tappable so users can interact with the items they are interested in.

The app is a one of a kind pro-sales tool allowing to support the sales process by combining the online and offline channel (omnichannel).

Key features of the software include the ability to add items to a shopping list, view manufacturer coupons and access product details. Users can also email shopping lists, find what is available locally and scan promotional QR codes.

Our software includes close up to 100 recipes and a list of all products available in Carrefour stores.  The categories-based dynamic search engine feature allows shoppers to find what they are looking for and add it to their shopping list. A special module within the app informs clients about current promotions.

The app also gives users local deal flyers so they can coax customers to come to nearby stores or check out the weekly specials if they’re already in the store.

The application is integrated with Facebook, so the users can like and share products and recipes on their profile pages. There is also a search engine for Carrefour stores so the users can locate the closest store in their city and check its opening hours.