Software development

case studies


Marketing / Promotional mobile tool

Carrefour / Mobile application

One of the biggest retailers Carrefour was to change forever its shopper experience with RTE.  Carrefour’s focuses were to create self-service tools that give shoppers access to the information they are looking for when making their purchasing decisions. Easy access to such information is especially important for large stores such as Carrefour, where shoppers have a lot of choices. The new Android & iOS app that was developed enables users to browse, search, and purchase online.

Real-time marketing tool

Coca Cola / Custom Digital Signage system

RTE Digital Signage system uses a camera as well as a motion sensor and operates with incredible efficiency and speed, analyzing images and anonymously identifying demographic and engagement data from multiple people simultaneously. Metrics Analyzer provides real-time anonymous audience demographic data from real-world environments. Our Digital Signage research leads us to an interesting hypothesis. We have divided the developed interactions according to the level of commitment they require from people who encounter the installation: Passive & Active. 

Marketing / Sales-oriented solution

Shopping Mall Mobile Ecosystem

According to British sociologists, an average person spends nearly half a year of their life on shopping – 130 days, to be exact – throughout their life. Most of this time is wasted on looking for bargains and sales in stores that fail to deliver them.  In response to this problem – which impacts both clients and large-format shopping malls – we will create a comprehensive solution: the Mobile Application. The app use iBeacons technology to offer clients in shopping malls the best possible experience while maximizing stores’ efficiency in reaching them with their offer

Pepsi Take The Test Challange

Pepsi / Multimarket polling system

RTE was behind the creation of the complex Pepsi Taste Challenge digital system to collect the data from all European markets (16 countries) in real-time.  Our custom IT infrastructure which combines Pepsi mobile application and Taste the Challenge content management system allows easy control across various markets based on their individual local requirements.