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Mobile Solution

According to British sociologists, an average person spends nearly half a year of their life on shopping – 130 days, to be exact – throughout their life. Most of this time is wasted on looking for bargains and sales in stores that fail to deliver them.


In response to this problem – which impacts both clients and large-format shopping malls – we will create a comprehensive solution: the Mobile Application. The app use Beacons technology to offer clients in shopping malls the best possible experience while maximizing stores’ efficiency in reaching them with their offer

Business Benefits for Shopping Mall

  • Easy browsing through the shopping mall offers, 

  • Navigating the shopping mall with the option to choose specific destinations, 

  • Easy way to find empty parking spaces 

  • Option to create routes leading through specific zones 

  • Increased traffic in the stores 

  • Reaching more people with the offer of the stores within the shopping mall

  • Increased value of the facility

  • Providing clients with a better shopping experience 

  • Increase in tenant satisfaction

  • Increase in customer satisfaction with their time in the shopping mall


  • Client profile information (age, sex, shopping habits, preferences etc.)

  • Targeted advertising

  •  Maximum exposure of products via effective marketing channel

  •  Communicating „here and now”

  •  Accurate  traffic measurement and analysis based on reports


  • Navigating the shopping mall / the store in an easy, comfortable way 

  • Option to have contextual information, such as special offers in selected stores and bargains on specific products, sent straight to their mobile device

  • Option to browse on their mobile device through products available in stores 

  • Mapping the fastest route to a selected spot 

  • Option to navigate the shopping mall using specific criteria (i.e. stores with special offers, shoe shops).

  • Creating their favorite shopping routes

With the Mobile Application, the client may enter a new dimension of the shopping mall. Its intuitive interface and clear architecture mean that navigating the stores becomes simpler and more efficient. The client does not need to waste time finding the right store, because the application will show him the best way to reach his destination. As a result, he will have more time left for shopping. Mobile Application provides a clearly understandable menu and useful functions that ensure that it is comfortable in use.

The user may log in via his Facebook account or create his/her own profile. We will design a user-friendly environment to encourage clients to use the application throughout their visit to the shopping mall.  The Mobile Application is integrated with social networking services such as Facebook fan page.

Who is the application user?

  • Clients looking for a specific store in the shopping mall

  • Clients who want to learn about the shopping mall offer by choosing their destination or category  

  • Clients who want to receive information about the current sales and promotions

The Mobile application features functions that provide clients with the best shopping experience they can have. Beacons technology opens up new ways of communicating with customers. This mobile solution allows keeping clients informed about their offer and reach them more effectively than using traditional marketing channels.