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What we do

We help businesses with evaluating their values by providing custom software development.

The Process

Streamline. Solve. Scale. That’s the heart of our success.

Digital Products

We grew up in the world of hardcore app development, turning the impossible into the elegant.

Design & Prototyping

We guide our clients along the way of building complex software developments from the initial idea to the final product.

Our Company Values

Reliable partner of choice for your business

RTE provides software development solutions ranging from analytics and consulting to delivery and launch. We act as a technical partner for enterprises and startups, taking responsibility for product development. Our experts deliver market-driven solutions and ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.

Competitive Advantage

We design and develop HIGHER quality digital products

At RTE, we understand that technology is unlikely to provide a competitive advantage on its own. That’s why we provide our clients with senior-level advice to ensure your strategy is future-friendly and scalable.
When clients start working with us, we ensure the project aims are sanity checked with your organization goals.

Operating Countries
The Difference

Experience true business partners

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We carry businesses from concept to market-ready brand.

We are a technical partner for enterprises and startups looking for a responsible firm to guide them through the business development process. Our team consists of professionals committed to excellence and skilled in crafting innovative solutions


• User research
• Feature roadmapping
• Planning workshops
• Rapid prototyping
• User surveys


• Style guides
• UX audit
• Wireframing
• Rapid prototyping
• Design sprints


• Native iOS and Android
• Xamarin and ReactNative
• Unity, 3D, AR (Mixed Reality)
• IoT, Connected devices